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The health and safety of all our staff and participants is our highest priority, so we monitor the situation at COVID-19 very closely.

Event Safety

Due to federalism in Germany, the federal states decide on their own responsibility on the relaxation and restrictions of public life, which means that there is no uniform regulation in Germany. The federal states, decide on hygiene and distance concepts on the basis of the specific characteristics of each federal state.

The North Rhine-Westphalia Ordinance on Protection against New Infections with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 will set the standard for the EPIC Workshop 2022 under which conditions the event can be planned and carried out at DLR site Cologne, Germany.

Protection and hygienic measures laid down by the organizer must be observed by all participants. With registration for the onsite participation at the EPIC Workshop 2022 each participant agrees to the specific rules and accept the conditions.

This website is updated regularly. Please keep yourself informed via this website.

Hygiene Measures

The EPIC Workshop 2022 conference will be held under the current protection and hygiene regulations.

In order to protect the health of our staff and participants, participation in the EPIC Workshop 2022 is only possible with a valid 2G+-certificate (Boostered, Vaccinated or Recovered with an additional test) and the organizer will document the contact data of the guests.

The following proofs are accepted:

  • Digital or written proof of the protective vaccination carried out in the national language and in English, if the last required vaccination was carried out 14 days previously and one of the vaccines or vaccine combination approved within the EU and published by the Paul Ehrlich Institute was used. (
  • Digital or written proof of convalescence in the national language and in English (positive PCR test), which is at least 28 days old and at most six months old.

Digital proof (CORONA WARN app, digital vaccination certificate) is preferred. For expedited entry, enter your proof of vaccination into the CORONA WARN app.

As organizer of the EPIC Workshop 2022 the DLR provides a detailed hygienic concept to make your participation as safe and enjoyable as possible. We will keep you informed about our hygienic and distance concepts via this webpage and onsite.

Download the Hygiene & Protection Measures of the EPIC Workshop 2022

Measures applicable to the EPIC Workshop 2022 will be adjusted if necessary in accordance with official requirements.

Entry to Germany and to North Rhine-Westphalia

For entry or return to North Rhine Westphalia, Germany from risk areas, the German Federal Corona Entry Regulation will apply.

Here you will find the entry restrictions and quarantine regulations in Germany provided by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany on current measures taken in regard to the coronavirus (SARS CoV-2).

This page is updated regularly.

Federal Foreign Office - Coronavirus 

Further information can be found here:

Current Corona regulations in Cologne (German) 

Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community - Coronavirus (English)

Federal Ministry of Health - Coronavirus Travel and Entry (English)