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Brewery Dinner "Brauerei Pfaffen"

On April 05 (Tuesday) participants attending the workshop in person have the opportunity to attend a dinner at the local brewery “Brauerei Pfaffen”, located in the city center at the Heumarkt. The brewery bar of the Pfaffen brewery is a Cologne gastronomy with great tradition. It is in Cologne the only address with Pfaffen beers fresh from the barrel. A rustic atmosphere and good food round off the Cologne ambience in the old town.

We are looking forward to enjoying a pleasant evening with all participants!


© Brauerei Pfaffen

Please note: food and drinks are to be paid individually and will not be covered by either the DLR or EPIC.

The DLR organizes busses to pick up all participants at the DLR site. Departure of the bus at the DLR will be at around 17:30 arriving at the brewery around 18:00 o’clock.

Please note: there will be no return bus organized by the DLR. After arrival at the brewery, every participant will be responsible for return travels.

The brewery is located at the “Heumarkt” in the city center of Cologne. Main attraction points such as the Cologne Cathedral or the riverside are within walking distance to the brewery.

To return to the DLR site, the local trains ("S-Bahn") S 12 or S 13 leave from the Cologne Central Station (Köln Hauptbahnhof (Hbf)), Siegburg and Troisdorf. S 13 also leaves from the Cologne-Bonn Airport. Daytime departures take place every 20 min for both trains so that there is a train every 10 minutes. Get off at railway station "Porz-Wahn" and continue from there by KVB bus number 162, direction "DLR".