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Please click on the button below to access the EPIC Workshop virtual plattform:

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• Easy usability of the event platform
• No extra software installation required
• Registration for the EPIC Workshop 2022 (hybrid format) is only possible online 
  via the website EPIC Workshop 2022 ( 
• Your registration entitles you to access EPIC Workshop 2022 (in person event or virtually event). 
  Registration is possible until13.03.2022 
• Participants of the virtually event will receive the access data for the virtual event platform by email. 
  These access data are unique for each participant and cannot be shared with other persons.
• On the day of the virtual event, each participant of the virtually event log into the event platform with his access data.
• To log in to the virtual event platform, use your registered e-mail address and the password you have assigned. 
  If you have forgotten your password or want to assign yourself a new password for the first time, 
  use the "Request new password" function. After you have received your password, log in to the virtual event platform.
• The BESL trained support team will help with their support hotline on all days of the virtual event
  Please note: We have no influence on firewalls and company restrictions.


Internet connection

• at least 15 Mbit download
  at least 3.5 Mbit upload for video chats
• Test your internet connection click
• Please use the latest version of either browser Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge.
  Please do not use Internet Explorer!


• PC, laptop or tablet
  Cell phone also possible
• Webcam and microphone
  for participating in video chats
• For participation only, you do not need a camera and/or microphone, but to be able to
  use the networking aspect, make sure your microphone and webcam are also enabled.
  Please make sure upfront that you grant the system access to camera and microphone
• Please make sure that your microphone is at 100%
  Test your microphone click
• Please check upfront that your camera is working properly
• Please check that your browser accepts "Autoplay"

GENERAL INFORMATION AND USPS virtual event platform

• DLR’s framework agreement partner BESL will provide a high customized digital platform that is easy to use, 
  surprising and attractive – and at the same time fulfills the highest data security requirements.
• This high customized virtual event platform is developed by BESL. 
  BESL is a German company based in Berlin, Germany
• Highly scaled server infrastructure is used for stream delivery and broadcasting technology. 
  All delivering servers are located in Germany and meet the applicable security standards.
• All data is encrypted according to current standards (TLS/AES256).
• BESL provides a powerful web-based online tool including all necessary features 
  such as polling and voting, live chat, video streaming, etc.
• Web-based access to the event platform via web browser, therefore no installation of software 
  and no change of applications necessary during the event.
• The virtual platform guarantees a high quality in audio and video and a very high stability even with low bandwidth